This is one of the most immediately useful courses I’ve ever taken. Materials/resources for the class were excellent - always informative.

LOVED THIS COURSE! I feel confident with R now and my SQL skills on are on fleek.

This was a really great course, and I learned so many new skills pertaining to dataset management and programming. I would highly recommend this course to other students.

Ethan’s ability to tailor assignments specifically to help reinforce lecture information is excellent. The workload in the course was perfect - assignments were challenging and required a reasonable amount of time to complete, but were incredibly helpful in helping to understand and become familiar with the information.

The data carpentry [course] website is by far the most succinct and integrated class material I’ve ever experienced. I wish all classes were crafted as well as this one.

I thought that the course had a great combination of lecture/hands on learning. The assignments and exercises in class were very helpful.

This was the first grad class I’ve had where I really felt like I was building applicable skills and wasn’t being dragged through another lecture.

I will use my final project for the entirety of my degree.

[I] didn’t know anything about programming before and I’m very happy with this class and amazed that I could write something that works.

I really like the assignments. I learned so much every week by having to make my way through the code and felt so accomplished when it worked.

Assignments were helpful, well written, and relevant. Lecture was clear and informative. The final project is a great way to let loose and internalize concepts.

A great introduction to a broad and complex topic.

Easily the most useful course I have taken at UF. Keep up the awesome work!

After this class I feel that I really have acquired a basic understanding of [computing] and am ready to solve some real problems with it.

I like the “I do- You do” approach. It helps that you do something similar but not exact so that we actually have to learn the program coding. I also very much appreciate explaining the symbols and commands in a language that we understand.

i f***ing love this class and recommend it to everyone. instructor is really good at live coding going through lecture material and exercises.