Adult vs Newborn Size Regression

This is a follow up to Adult vs Newborn Size.

We’ve graphed the relationship between adult size and new born size in mammals and now it’s time to analyze the relationship statistically.

  1. Do a regression where x is log10(adult mass) and y is log10(newborn mass).
  2. Print the summary statistics for this regression.
  3. Using ggplot make a graph that shows both the data points and the regression line through those points. Either the axes or the data should be logarithmically scaled to match your regression analysis. You won’t actually need to include the regression results themselves since geom_smooth will let you graph the linear model with the data. Label the axes.

Optional: If you want, plot a histogram of the residuals of the regression to make sure that they are roughly normally distributed (you can do this with just a single line of code)

[click here for output] [click here for output] [click here for output]