Option 1 - Using Calc

  1. Drag and drop the table/query into the upper left corner cell of an open Calc worksheet
  2. Save the sheet as a CSV file

Option 2 - By executing SQL

Option 1 is the easiest approach, but if you need to export large quantities of data it won’t work. To do this you can use Base’s ability to execute HSQL directly (thanks to Sliderule at the OpenOffice community forum for this solution).

  1. Open the query
  2. Access the underlying SQL
  3. Copy it to the clipboard
  4. In the menu bar of the main Base window click Tools -> SQL
  5. Paste the SQL from the query into the Command to execute window
  6. Go the to beginning of the word FROM and type INTO TEXT “name_of_output_file” followed by a space
  7. Press the execute button
  8. Your query will have been saved as a csv file named name_of_output_file.csv in the same directory as your database

Option 3 - Wait

There should be an export utility for Base available relatively soon…