Learning Objectives

Following this assignment students should be able to:

  • Create an R Markdown file
  • Enhance their ability to write prose in Markdown.
  • Generate an output that would be useful for someone who does not code.
  • Understand options used in R chunks for appropriate outcomes.


Lecture Notes

  1. knitr

Canvas Quiz

Mini Project question This week you will need to create a new project in the class organization on github that will serve as your mini-project repository.

The name of the repo should be in the format FirstName-OneWordDataRelated.

For example if my data was on scallop size, my repo name would be Steven-scallop Be sure to set up directories properly.

Create an Rmd file that reads in your data and use dyplr start to manipulate the data and ggplot to create at least one plot.

Your Rmd file should nicely format your prose, code and plots.
 Be sure to include prose that briefly describes your process.

Using knitr export the file to HTML and save in output directory.

Remember to push all of your commits to the repo on GitHub as this is what I will be looking at.