Version Control Basic

Commit Multiple Files

This is a follow up to Second Solo Commit.

After talking to a colleague, you realize that Gaeta_etal_CLC_data.csv is only the first in a series of similar files that you will receive. To help keep track of files, you decide to number them. Rename the Gaeta_etal_CLC_data.csv file to Gaeta_etal_CLC_data_1.csv manually, using the Files tab in RStudio. You’ll also need to change the first line of fish-analysis.R so that the script will still work.

To include all of these changes in a single commit, stage both data files and the saved R script and then commit with a good commit message.

Git will initially think you’ve deleted Gaeta_etal_CLC_data.csv and created a new file Gaeta_etal_CLC_data_1.csv. But once you click on both the old and new files to stage them, git will recognize this by making the two files into one and marking this with an R.