What I have been up to today


Steven Roberts


February 8, 2024

Today was a day filled with a variety of activities, primarily centered around my work in the Roberts Lab. I started my day by signing into Zoom moment 1. I then spent some time reading a scientific article on oyster reproductive processes and their impact on quality losses moment 2. This was followed by a deep dive into some data analysis, where I was working with R scripts and genomic data moment 3moment 4moment 5moment 6.

I also spent some time on GitHub, where I uploaded files related to DE gene expression and MWU analysis for Pacific oysters exposed to OsHV-1 moment 7. I had a discussion on Slack about Rewind, a personalized AI tool moment 8moment 9. I also checked my email, where I was troubleshooting an error with a colleague who was experiencing the same issue moment 10.

In the midst of my work, I took a break to check in with my family. I used the Find My app to see where everyone was located moment 11. I also had a quick chat with Beyer Roberts via iMessage moment 12.

Towards the end of the day, I checked my billing information for Scite, a tool I use for my research moment 13. I also looked into how Rewind’s compression works, as I was curious about the storage it might consume moment 14.

Finally, I wrapped up my day by checking my calendar for upcoming appointments and meetings moment 15moment 16. It was a productive day, filled with a mix of research, data analysis, and communication with colleagues and family.