January Bits

This is a running daily of all the stuff done in January. Or just some thoughts.

January 13 11:19 AM


January 13 8:48 AM.

This is the last day of the year five PI meeting hopefully today with the plan is to step back and look and see if we can find connections between the epigenetics and the Modeling groups and most importantly set out our long-term goals going forward, which might or might not exactly align with what was originally proposed in the proposal. Meeting Notes

January 12 10:01 PM.

Yep that was the trick all I had to say was. Instead of next line and it translated it correctly caps on does this mean that everything I say is now in title case yes it does.

I can today January 12 9:44 PM next line next line. This is my post for the evening and I’m working on my Lambo book. 😊 yeah yeah yeah

January 12 12:55 pm

How about audio


January 12 12:34 pm

Can I insert animated gif


January 12 12:00 PM

Talking about bow tie and how epigenetics and DEB modeling connects.

January 12 9:08 AM

At E5 meeting airbnb

January 11 9:57 PM

In Santa Barbara around 2 PM, A5 me we talked about model simulation and souls on physiological data and discussed it with calls. Tomorrow we will revisit the motile diagram from both a as well.

January 11 8:57 AM

Considering some way of easily binning task into batches such as - no internet required.

January 11 7:31 AM

Trying to get to SBA again for E5. Will write nrsp8 report on ferry, compile bow tie info at airport with an eye towards ceabigr.

January 10 at 9:39 PM

Tomorrow I want to try to see what it would involve to try to get images in these January bit post meaning how easy is it to write mark down on the phone inside of my Working Copy app? 😊

January 10 2:32 PM

Submitted Oly paper. Queried Daniel on ecology search tactics. Working more on class website; should be done with week 3, just need to confirm with Ariana.

January 10 10:16 AM

Trip to SBA cancelled - will go tomorrow. Might try to record presentation to save time tomorrow. Worked on class website in Rstudio - still a bit of mystery but getting it done. Have faculty meeting today to discuss hiring rubric. Also plan on finishing up revisions on Oly epigenetics paper.

Also need to write NRSP8 summary.

January 9 11:31 AM

Today I was working on the website for my class using our studio and one thing I learned is that for some pages you actually have to knit and build the website and also I noticed that in our markdown file there is an option that every time you say they are marked down it will automatically net so I selected that and that should save me a time

January 6 2:56 PM

I just figured out how to use Shortcuts on an Apple iPhone such that at a given time every day my monthly post will come up on my phone automatically I update it and hit commit and done

January 6, 1:51 PM

OK now I just can’t resist posting to my notebook because it’s so easy 😊

January 6 1:32 PM.

I have completed my objective of making this easy. I have an icon on the home on my phone I click on it brings up a text page and I talk to my phone.

January 6 1:18 PM

What I have done now is set up the infrastructure to make notebook post on a daily basis using my phone and using my voice leveraging the application called Working Copy. I could also use the native GitHub application on my phone but this has a few advantages .

Written on January 6, 2023