Point Whitney seed trial

Went out to Pt Whitney with Shelly to semi-wrap up 40 day seed trial where parents experienced different OA regimes.

I took photos of silo 2.1… (Shelly took all the rest)


full-size pic

Survival was recorded for all seed.


The low pH treatment ended however as survival was high under ambient conditions, remaining animals were returned.


The big clams were photographed for size.





Fulls for analysis…

  • 2.6 https://d.pr/i/7lz2Ls

  • 2.7 https://d.pr/i/zWfIMA

  • 3.6 https://d.pr/i/lEFQQB

  • 3.7 https://d.pr/i/WojrkV

All live big clams were placed back in ambient silos with more sand (1.5 liters) with 2.6/2.7 combined and 3.6/3.7 combined.

Algal pump needs repair and thus all heath systems were brought down.

Seed will get new feed per Matt.

In short heath the top two trays were placed in breeze way. With placement 1 and 2 flipped. It is worth noting screens were different for trays 1 and 2.

tray 1 (in short stack) - fine mesh holds sand 1

tray 2 - coarse mesh (plus clams) 2

Cleaned headers for short stack. Noticed big difference in wall growth correlating with light.

Written on October 18, 2019