Reading, Writing and more

In preparation for lab meeting, some answer to Chris’s queries

Literature Review

Does your process mirror the tried and true method?


Tried & True Method
Set scope of literature search (date range, specific aspect, keywords, etc.)
Search & Read
Revise question
Read some more

How do you catalog/ track your papers?


What style of annotation and note taking works best for immediate and/ or long term recall (in your reference manager, not memory explicitly)?

Only annotation is markup of PDFs.

Do you keep track of your keyword searches?


Is an annotated bibliography really the way to go?

Not really sure what this is

When do you decide you have enough literature?

When it feels be search is exhaustive

Writing Process

Do you begin writing after your initial analysis, write in small bits throughout, or wait until you’ve completed analysis and visualization?

Start writing as soon as start methods

What is your writing process (assuming completed analysis and visualization)?

? see below

Do you write methods first, get inspired by the literature and write a killer introduction, make an outline, etc.?

Methods, Results, Discussion, Introduction, Abstract

What makes a good collaborative writing partner(s)?

Regularity in Google Docs, using comments, suggestions, and letter comment be closed by one who writes if not super, super clear.

What are your biggest stumbling blocks and how do you get around them?

Writing… Blocking time and just writing, not pretty, flow of ideas, then go back and edit

What is your weakest writing ability? Your strongest?

typos, spelling, …. methods, and selling just below overselling

Do you write daily?

Manuscripts?, no

Written on February 6, 2023